Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yumbles foodie marketplace

Yumbles, the marketplace for foodies, has reinvented itself with a brand-new logo design, a makeover and a brand-new promise.

Everything on Yumbles is provided as natural and free from artificial ingredients. Yumbles producers are producing quality food in little batches with everything taste evaluated by Yumbles to ensure deliciousness.

Foodies are likewise fastidious about what they consume. It doesn’t matter how scrumptious the reward; it has to fit with their way of life too. That’s why everything on Yumbles is now categorized into different dietary areas. If you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian, gluten complimentary, natural, raw or paleo food then you’ll find it on Yumbles.

We’re all familiar with the structured data (Item Specifics, Product Identifiers etc.) that eBay and Amazon are putting in place Yumbles are doing the exact same for food. Lifestyle & Diet, Health & Ingredients, Social & Environmental are all options you can filter by to guarantee you get the food you want.

There’s only one everything I’m not a fan of on the upgraded Yumbles site and that is their rates isn’t as transparent as it could be. Many items are available on their Subscribe and Save plans where if you consent to repeat orders at a regular interval then you receive a discounted rate.

Typically, the Subscribe and Save rate is the one you see in search results page making it hard to compare prices for a one off purchase.

Cost display aside, it’s good to see Yumbles transforming itself and flourishing. Dan and I have actually long stated that there’s absolutely no point in aiming to out-eBay eBay or end up being another Amazon just take a look at what s happened to Rakuten in the UK.

To be successful a new marketplace has to satisfy a niche and find a sector that’s not currently sufficiently served.

That’s what Yumbles have done and with their reinvention they are making sure that they’ll be here to serve foodies with delicious treats no matter what their dietary needs for several years to come.

If you’ve not gone shopping Yumbles prior to and are wondering exactly what’s so unique about the website, ask yourself where else you could discover incredible deals with like a hand painted wedding event cake alongside a chocolate hammer and chisel?

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